Organic chemistry - Stereiochem

Organic chemistry - Stereiochem

Postby rkuhnle0597 » Wed May 21, 2014 12:15 am

I am having a few issues making connections to a few topics. Just wondering if someone has some insight. My questions are related to Sterio chem quizzes & general fundamentals (last quiz 11 ?'s) ;

1. What makes a molecule NOT rotate the plane of plane polarized light? (?# 4 -last quiz)

2. Properly predicting sterioisomers (#5 last quiz)

3. Knowing when molecules are chiral, but have no chiral center (general ?)

4. Reviewing the concept of when/what happens when a molecule undergoes inversion of configuration as it relates to being optically active (#1 last quiz)

5. Knowing how to tell when a molecule is optically active (#2 last quiz)

Thank you for your time and consideration to my requests -- I am just getting back into studying and there are a few concepts that are a little disconnected for me. :x

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Re: Organic chemistry - Stereiochem

Postby goldstandardmd » Mon May 26, 2014 1:38 pm

I tried to follow which questions you were referring to but I could not figure it out. Please refer to the quiz number:

Q & A
Q & A - 2
Q & A - 3
Q & A - 4

. . . and of course the question number.

Minor points: in future, it is better to have a separate thread for each question. It makes it easier to follow. Also, it is better to post your question in the Chapter that was already created. Thanks for your understanding.
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