Keyhole Test 12 questions 14

Keyhole Test 12 questions 14

Postby rahul.sharma8024 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:15 pm

Having difficulty with the keyhole section major time. For example in this questions, how is D the answer and yet B is wrong? They look EXACTLY the same.

Also the top and right/end views look correct as well! For the end view, C and E look exactly the same. All the views look correct in the answers/explanation and yet D is the correct view and answer.

What am I missing or not understanding??? There are a lot of correct answers in this section that are ambiguous with identical answers and yet one answer ends up being randomly correct than the other. There are also explanations where all the views are correct and yet one view and answer ends up being chosen as the correct answer.

Yikes..... I am very confused with this keyholes section and these GS keyhole questions are not helping either.
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Re: Keyhole Test 12 questions 14

Postby bilal.ahmad » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:07 pm

Its probably just a technical error while putting the test together. I had a similar issue with a question in the angle ranking section. Just live chat with them and they will get it checked out right away from their team and email you back with them either correcting it or thats how it is.
But yeah, B and D are the exact same and id choose either…
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