DAT PAT TEST 4 Question 13

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DAT PAT TEST 4 Question 13

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I was wondering if the question in the PAT are all form previous DAT exams.
I ask this because, we learned for the cube counting section that if you don’t see a cube, don’t assume that one will be there, UNLESS if a cube is floating, then there will be one under it always, regardless if we can see it or not. Also cubes are never joined edge to edge, only face to face…

I can't attach a picture in this email, but cube counting Test 4 question 13. The last row, at the far end, we cam one see 2 cube ( far right and far left) and we can only say that there is one next to the far left cube, because cubes are always attached face to faec and not edge to edge… by this there should only be 3 cubes in the very back/ end row, but in the explanation pictures it shows 4 cubes… there is no way we could see the second one from the right and and no reason to assume one should be there..

Could you please help me with if I am missing some key concept or if there is some error

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