Chapter 3 : Bonding

Chapter 3 : Bonding

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Re: Chapter 3 : Bonding

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3. Which of the following is a characteristic of ionic bond formation?

A.It results from the interaction of metals from the left side of the periodic table with nonmetals from the right side of the periodic table.
B.It occurs between two ions of very similar electronegativity.
C.It results from the sharing of electrons between two atoms.
D.It has stronger bond energy than a covalent bond.

So, I got the answers down to A and D. I was thinking A. However, not all ionic bond is between a metal and a non-metal. For instance, NH4Br contained all non-metal compound. Are ionic compounds stronger with a few exceptions? Yes, Ionic bond are not actual bond but they are simply lattice structure full of charges attracting each other. Can someone explain why D could not be the answer? Thanks in advance.
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