Gold Standard DAT Reviews

Gold Standard DAT Reviews

The Gold Standard DAT package: "If I were to describe The Gold Standard DAT package in one word it would be COMPREHENSIVE."

"...Upon opening the package that I received, my initial reaction was one of awe. Before I opened any of the books I was taken aback by 1) the packaging: the books come enclosed in a hard covered box that keep the books nice and secure and 2) the quality of the books/pages: the book covers are of really high quality with a matte finish; and the pages are thick and glossy which makes the illustrations, pictures and diagrams really pop. I have honestly never seen test prep materials of that kind of quality. One of my first thoughts was "wow, someone really paid attention to detail and someone really cared about the quality of products that they produce." As I perused the pages of each book, I realized that those sentiments were not only true for the packaging and pages but also of the information within the pages as well...

...If I were taking the DAT around this time I would honestly consider The Gold Standard for my DAT prep..."

Patrice Smith, Orthodontist, Blogger

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The Gold Standard DAT Review: "They contain everything you need to know for the actual DAT. . ."

"One thing that's really nice about the (Gold Standard DAT) books is that the chapters are pretty short, and at the end of every chapter they have practice questions and they have answers. Then they also have solutions in the back. . . They contain everything you need to know for the actual DAT so if you study the material that's in these, I think you'll do really well."

Jared Gibby, Dental Student at Nova Southeastern University

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DAT Review - Gold Standard: "It gives you basically what you need to memorize, what you need to understand and what is important."

"It gives you different resources such as videos, flashcards and special tests. So basically, on top of the material provided in each chapter, it helps you attain what you need to memorize and what you need to focus on and what you just need to skim through to get a general understanding. Because I mean, it's a lot of material. You really need help to narrow it down. This book really does a good job of doing that."

Fitz Brooks, Dental Student at University of Florida College of Dentistry

The Gold Standard DAT Review: "In all aspects of their review course they are able to present the information in a simple and clear way to make understanding and learning easier."

"What really impresses me about The Gold Standard is their ability to present and teach the information in a simple manner that makes it easier to understand and follow along. They offer thorough explanations about everything so that you are never left in the dark. They also have their review materials and course lined out in a simple manner that is easy to follow. In my opinion this is the hardest skill to master in education and The Gold Standard has done an exceedingly good job at stripping down difficult concepts and material and presenting it in a simple manner."

Kip Nielsen of, Dental Student at the College of Dental Medicine at Roseman University of Health Sciences

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Gold Standard Complete DAT Prep: "The curriculum is well thought out and the quality of the material remains strong throughout the book in addition to the online resources."

"The Gold Standard goes through a number of training questions, with each increasing in difficulty while including an additional component to the technique. When reading through the material, I was surprised by the accuracy of the “training" using the same techniques I had acquired only after completing hundreds of sample problems."

Elias Almaz of Almaz Dentistry, Pre-Dental Student at University of California, Irvine (Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences 2014)

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The Gold Standard DAT Complete 4-Book Set: "You will not find another resource for the DAT that is better quality than The Gold Standard!"

"I feel like this resource has the potential to really help those who are either struggling to do well or want to learn some more efficient techniques to do even better... When I studied for the DAT I searched forums and other resources to find a variety of techniques for improving on the reading section. This book includes just about everything I was able to find and more. In addition, it breaks down the individual types of questions and shows you how to go about answering each type of question. Overall, this is one of the better resources that I have seen available for the DAT."

Jerry Westover of Dental DAT, Dental Student at Indiana University School of Dentistry

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Gold Standard Dental Admission Test (DAT) Complete 4-Book Set: "The best and most comprehensive preparation packages of its type on the market today."

"The writing is informative without being too scholarly and feels a bit like a kind-hearted teacher taking some extra time to explain a tricky concept to a student after class. Frequent colorful illustrations help reinforce the learning and occasionally show a touch of subtle humor. Overall, this set may very well be one of the best and most comprehensive preparation packages of its type on the market today."

John E. Roper of The US Review of Books

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2013 USA Best Book Award


The Gold Standard DAT Review books won the 2013 Annual US Book News Awards in the category Education/Academic: Teaching. The prestigious US Book News is a leading company that publishes information and critiques of books published and marketed in the US. Among the criteria for judging finalists and winners in this category is helpfulness of the information provided and over-all printing quality.

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