Gold Standard DAT Biology Preparation
(Dental Admission Test)

Gold Standard DAT Biology (Dental Admission Test)
Gold Standard DAT Biology (Dental Admission Test) DAT PAT orthographic views
Gold Standard DAT Biology (Dental Admission Test) Gold Standard DAT Biology (Dental Admission Test)
Gold Standard DAT Biology (Dental Admission Test) Gold Standard DAT Biology (Dental Admission Test)
  • Title: Gold Standard DAT Biology Preparation (Dental Admission Test)
  • Pages:400
  • ISBN:978-1-927338-09-4
  • Author:The Gold Standard team of authors and editors includes professionals with academic
    degrees in dentistry, medicine and the arts as well as Ivy League dental students with exceptional
    DAT scores (AA: 27).
  • Description:This DAT Biology book contains a comprehensive biology review in color covering
    molecular, cell, systems and plant biology, animal behavior, ecology, biochemistry and more.
    This book comes with over 350 practice questions with solutions.
    Chapters begin with learning objectives and finish with practice multiple choice questions followed by useful explanations.
    Advanced topics presented for students aiming for top dental schools.
    This book also contains the content covering OAT Biology and Canadian DAT Biology.

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2016 Changes to DAT Biology

In early 2016, the ADA announced that they would not institute the DAT changes that had been under
consideration over the past 3 years: "Please note that all DAT content changes indicated in Volumes 4 and 5
of the DAT Newsletters will no longer be implemented. This includes changes to the Biology, Quantitative
Reasoning, and Critical Thinking sections.

Can't I use MCAT books instead?

There are many important DAT Biology topics that are either not on the MCAT or are so rare as MCAT
questions that the topics are not properly covered in MCAT books. Here is a partial list: photosynthesis and
plant biology, genetic technology, animal behavior and learning, population and community ecology,
ecosystems, social behaviors of animals, etc. The Gold Standard DAT was designed specifically for the DAT
so all ADA topics are presented in color followed by chapter review questions, answers and explanations.

Gold Standard DAT Biology Table of Contents

1. Generalized Eukaryotic Cell

2. Microbiology

3. Protein Synthesis

4. Enzymes and Cellular Metabolism

5. Specialized Eukaryotic Cells and Tissues

6. Nervous and Endocrine Systems

7. The Circulatory System

8. The Immune System

9. The Digestive System

10. The Excretory System

11. The Musculoskeletal System

12. The Respiratory System

13. The Skin As An Organ System

14. Reproduction and Development

15. Genetics

16. Evolution

17. Plants

18. Animal Behavior

19. Ecology

20. Biochemistry

Chapter Review Solutions

Biology Index

DAT Biology Test Content (40 questions)

1. Cell and Molecular Biology:

Biomolecules, Origin of life, cell metabolism (including photosynthesis/enzymology), cellular processes, thermodynamics, organelle structure and function, mitosis/ meiosis, cell structure, and experimental cell biology.

2. Diversity of Life:

Relationships, Biological Organization and Relationship of Major Taxa (Six-Kingdom, Three-Domain System) - plantae, animalia, protista, fungi, eubacteria (bacteria), archaea, etc.

3. Structure and Function of Systems:

Integumentary, skeletal, muscular,circulatory, immunological, digestive, respiratory, urinary, nervous/senses, endocrine, reproductive, etc.

4. Developmental Biology:

Fertilization, descriptive embryology, developmental mechanisms.

5. Genetics:

Molecular genetics, human genetics, classical genetics, chromosomal genetics, and genetic

6. Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior:

Natural selection, population genetics/speciation, population and community ecology, ecosystems, and animal behavior (including social behavior).

For complete DAT test specifications, visit ADA's official webpage: ADA DAT Guide